World Partnership Walk – A smashing success …

World partnership walk was held on the 5th of June 2016 at Victoria Park in London Ontario. It was a huge success and we made the difference!!

The “WALK” was organized by Aga Khan Foundation of Canada (AKFC) to “END GLOBAL POVERTY”.

Many Ethiopians and Ethio-Candadians took this chance and STEPPED FORWARD to help END GLOBAL POVERTY.

The walk supports programs that enable communities in Africa and Asia to lift themselves out of poverty and build better futures. This partnership with AKFC will help us coordinate our future goals to help our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia.

As part of the program, our youth group presented a spectacular cultural dance to the public at large at Victoria Park. They let Londoners know that our community is vibrant and are alive …They did it for “ETHIOPIA”

Thank you for your support and WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!!

W-Day -001 W-Day -002 W-Day -003.

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