About Us

Well-Come ! Ethiopian Canadian Community Association of London, Ontario (ECCA) is a non-for-profit corporation, charitable organization committed to serving to unite residents of London ontario and middlesex county who are of Ethiopian origin, preserving and perpetuating the traditions of Ethiopia . In addition, ECCA works in collaboration with other community organizations in London and Middle-sex County and the City councel of London. Established January 6/ 1988, Ontario Corporation Number of 741636. ECCA assists in the promotion of personal growth, positive family and community relations, and community empowerment. The adjustment and development of all of ECCA’s constituents is facilitated with programs in the areas of advocacy, education, and community outreach.


1 thought on “About Us

  1. Great Job! Good Start! I will give my feedback as soon as I get a chance. Just had a quick glance for now. Thank you!


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